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Lego Maniacs' Guide: Links: Creations : Space : Star Wars

Lego Links:

  • Lego Purists - There are some really nice Star Wars creations here you won't want to miss. pop
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  • Boba Fett's Lego Site - This site has Star Wars sets and mini-figures made by Lego maniacs. There is a monthly contest and poll as well as links to other Lego and Star Wars sites. If you like Lego or Star Wars, you will like this site.
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  • John and Daniel's Lego Page - John and Daniel's site featuring original Star Wars creations. Working on a Corellian freighter like the Millennium Falcon. We have a T-Wing speeder, light star-freighters, tri-wing shuttle and more.
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  • Lego Star Wars Project - Home of the lego still frame animation movie Star Wars: Rebel Insurrection. Also home to the Borleias Project, an attempt to build a Hapes Consortium Nova Class Battlecruiser.
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  • Lego Wars - Re-enactments of famous scenes from the Star Wars movies using the Trilogy and Episode I sets from Lego.
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  • The Star Wars LCAD Archives - Loads of Star Wars sets from the Classic Trilogy and EU. All with complete instruction for LDraw. Weekly newsletter and subscriber exclusive sets.
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