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Lego Maniacs' Guide: Links: Top Sites

Top Twelve Lego Sites (by Rating) (at least 6 votes)
Rating Votes Lego Site
10.008ozBricks Online Store
10.007Lego Construction Site
9.676Burik Model Design
9.459Lego Township Fire Department
9.1416Lego Mechcommander
9.128Lego Lakes Armed Forces
9.006Lego Trucks and Machinery
8.888San Dilego
8.888Confederation of Planets
8.836Matt's Lego Train Depot
8.836Mechanized Brick

Top Twelve Lego Sites (by Votes) (at least 6 votes)
Rating Votes Lego Site
7.2223Ed Boxer's Lego Castle
8.6822Lego Mecha Force
9.1416Lego Mechcommander
8.2814Keppler Industries
8.1613Silicon Psyche
7.3312Altered States
4.5812BAYLIT Parts Sales
7.1010ADEQUATE.com Set Reviews
7.00103rd Millennium
8.2010The Lego Central

PLEASE NOTE: Attempts to manipulate ratings by voting for the same site multiple times will only get your site banned from ratings completely and its rating permanently set to zero without warning. We've done it before. We'll do it again.

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