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Lego Maniacs' Guide: Links: Hot Sites

The 25 Most Popular Lego Sites:

Creations : Aquazone

  • Altered States - Alternate models for a variety of old and new Lego sets. This site was created by one of our reviewers. pop
    [Clicks: 3369 Rating: 7.33 Votes: 12] Rate This Site

Creations : Castle

  • CastLEGO - Castle creations with Lego. Includes buildings, mini-figs, and stories. pop
    [Clicks: 4057 Rating: 7.72 Votes: 7] Rate This Site

Creations : Military

Creations : Mindstorms

  • Legobotics - A very comprehensive site for fans of the Lego Mindstorms Robotic Kit. pop
    [Clicks: 3140 Rating: 5.50 Votes: 6] Rate This Site

Creations : Space

  • 3rd Millennium - Having run short of Lego bricks, Paolo developed an unusual hobby utilizing a bit of Lego, cardboard, tape, glue, and lots of mini-figs. Check out the mecha, the starships, the stories, and more... pop
    [Clicks: 3458 Rating: 7.00 Votes: 10] Rate This Site
  • Silicon Psyche - Todd Amacher's showcase of over 35 original creations including mechs, droids, tanks, and combat spacecraft shown in various views. pop
    [Clicks: 2880 Rating: 8.16 Votes: 13] Rate This Site

Creations : Space : Mecha

  • Lego Mechcommander - This unofficial website features numerous 'Mechs and vehicles from the Battletech-universe. All models have been created with Lego and are in minifig-scale. pop
    [Clicks: 2378 Rating: 9.14 Votes: 16] Rate This Site

Creations : Space : Star Wars

  • Lego Purists - There are some really nice Star Wars creations here you won't want to miss. pop
    [Clicks: 2772 Rating: 6.75 Votes: 4] Rate This Site

Creations : Technic


Wanted and For Sale : Sets For Sale

  • The Vault - A source for new and used collectable Lego sets. pop
    [Clicks: 2460 Rating: 5.70 Votes: 10] Rate This Site
  • The Vault - Straight sales of brand new, rare, and old Lego sets. pop
    [Clicks: 2370 Rating: 4.75 Votes: 8] Rate This Site
  • OldLego.com - A big source of old Lego sets for sale. Hundreds of images. pop
    [Clicks: 4348 Rating: 5.78 Votes: 9] Rate This Site
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