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Lego Links:

  • Lego Mechcommander - This unofficial website features numerous 'Mechs and vehicles from the Battletech-universe. All models have been created with Lego and are in minifig-scale. pop
    [Clicks: 2378 Rating: 9.14 Votes: 16] Rate This Site
  • Cerebrus Industries - Guided by the infamous HAL 9000, browse through a line up of playable Lego space vessels. Features apposable and playable mecha.
    [Clicks: 807 Rating: 1.00 Votes: 1] Rate This Site
  • Lego-Maniac.net - This site contains images and descriptions of Battletech Lego mechs, and other personal creations - mostly robots.
    [Clicks: 1519 Rating: 5.60 Votes: 5] Rate This Site
  • Silicon Psyche - Mecha vs. giant sentient robots. Todd Amacher's original sci-fi saga created with Lego bricks.
    [Clicks: 1099 Rating: 8.80 Votes: 5] Rate This Site

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