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"Um, Jayce? You probably shouldn't be doing that so close to energon crystals."

"Hey guys! Look! There's a coyote down at the bottom of this cliff."

Excessive lens flare - yet another Wheeled Warriors and Babylon 5 similarity...
   -J. Michael

By the power of GRAYSKULL!!!
   -Doc Evil

FINE! I admit it, we're lost! You HAPPY now?!?
   -Doc Evil

What the Hell is Misty from Pokemon doing in this picture?
   -Doc Evil

"Okay... someone remind me how Voltron formed the blazing sword again. I got this far, but..."

"HA-HAAA! That Sailor Moon kid's got NOTHING on me!"
   -Space Cowboy

"Jayce Phone Home"

Jayce, we tried blinding the Monster Minds remember? It didn`t work"

"HaHaHa!!! Fear my glowing finger of death!!"

Gillian, Oon and Flora cheered as Jayce belted Tinkerbell.
   -Sly Cherry Chunks

"Pull my finger quick! I have a blast radius of five miles"
   -Chrystal Shard

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'Well, it's pretty strong, but it still doesn't do that cool beam thing. We have to find out where The X-Files gets theirs.'

Oon: Flora, stop nudging me! I am not going to charge and stab him in the butt!'

As the choir of three lift their voices in the strains of 'The Circle of Life,' Jayce indulges in his favourite hobby of re-enacting Disney movies. (Herc cannot be seen in this picture as he is below the cliff representing the assembled animal kingdom.)

Hooked on Starcraft, Jayce starts mining minerals.

One ring to rule them all...
   -Queenie Z

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