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Original Lego Creations:

    Black Limo
    Created by John Terison of Falmouth, ME
    Rating: 6.28 after 336 votes
    BYRD Episode R
    Created by Sven Moritz Hein
    Rating: 7.86 after 79 votes
    Crazy man
    Created by Joe of Gilroy
    Rating: 0 after 0 votes
    Plymouth Superbird
    Created by Hiji of http://www.chez.com/garagelego
    Rating: 8.47 after 38 votes
    Red Pick-up Truck
    Created by John Terison of Falmouth, ME
    Rating: 5.50 after 148 votes
    Smart Crossblade
    Created by HIJI of Nancy-France
    Rating: 9.00 after 13 votes
    Steveo's Discotech
    Created by Kristian Terison of Falmouth, ME
    Rating: 5.17 after 192 votes

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