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Top Rated Creations

Top Creations (by Rating) (at least 5 votes)
Rating Votes Creation
9.0013Smart Crossblade
8.6748Kenworth K100 Aerodyne
8.4738Plymouth Superbird
8.16125L.S.S. Starfire
8.1051E.U.T (Extreme Utility Truck)
7.86172Oil Rig : The Movie
7.8679BYRD Episode R
7.7274The Landmaster
7.6355L.S.S. Tachyon
7.30184L.S.S. Riley
7.2746L.S.S. Phoenix
7.2450L.S.S. Explorer

Top Creations (by Votes) (at least 5 votes)
Rating Votes Creation
5.22337Military Base
6.28336Black Limo
5.17192Steveo's Discotech
6.84191L.S.S. Archaeopteryx
7.30184L.S.S. Riley
7.07180L.S.S. Goddard
7.86172Oil Rig : The Movie
6.86163L.S.S. White Star
6.28161Swordfish II
5.70158Old Fashioned Pick-up Truck
5.50148Red Pick-up Truck

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