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Laser Triangle

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In this three-team game, your team must tag out all the members of the two opposing teams.


  • At least six players with Lazer Tag equipment
  • Duct tape or electrical tape in three colors
  • Optional referee


  1. Players should separate into three teams and place the tape with their team color around their arm.
  2. To start the game, players turn on their sensors and the teams head off in opposite directions.
  3. After a pre-determined time limit (1 to 5 minutes - depending on the size of the playing field), the game begins.


  1. The Lazer Tag Code must be observed.
    These are the basic rules for almost any Lazer Tag game.

  2. Teams may form alliances.
    Two teams may for an alliance against the third. This is especially useful if the third team has control over a strategic position.

  3. Players may not switch teams during a game.
    Even if one team has an alliance with another, players cannot become a member of the other team.


  • A team wins when all members of opposing teams have been tagged out.
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