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Stasis Tag

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Tag all the players before one of them can kick the can.


  • At least three players with Lazer Tag equipment
  • A can
  • A good sized playing field with obstacles
    (The size depends on the number of players and the intended length of the game.)


  1. Place the can in the middle of the playing field to act as the goal.
  2. Select a player to be "it".
  3. The player who is "it" should close his eyes and count to 20 while other players hide.


  1. The Lazer Tag Code must be observed.
    These are the basic rules for almost any Lazer Tag game.

  2. Only the It player can tag other players.
    Tags on the sensor of the It player have no effect.

  3. When a player is tagged, he or she must stand by the can.
    A player only needs to be tagged once to be temporarily out of play. These players are not allowed to use weapons.

  4. If the It player calls out the name and location of a player, that player must reveal himself or herself.
    If the It player is not correct about the name or location which is called out, nobody needs to reveal themselves.

  5. A player's name does not need to be called for that player to come out of hiding. Players can change hiding places, move around, or attempt to kick the goal at any time they wish.

  6. The It player cannot block the goal.
    The It player must get out of the way when another plater comes in to kick the goal.

  7. If a player kicks the goal, everyone standing by the goal is allowed to reset their sensor and re-enter the playing field.
    The It player can re-tag any of these players as they run away.

  8. The last person tagged is "it" for the next contest.
    If the It player has managed to get everyone with one tag their sensors, the last person to be tagged is "it".

  9. The game ends in defeat if the goal has been kicked three times.
    In this case, the last person to be tagged in that game is "it" for the next contest. If nobody was tagged, someone should volunteer.


  • The It player wins by tagging all the opposing players.
  • The opposing players win by kicking the goal three times.

Stasis Tag adapted and expanded upon from Lazer Tag: The Official Game Handbook; TSR, Inc.; ©1987.

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