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Free For All

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This is a simple game where the object is just to tag out all the other players.


  • At least two players with Lazer Tag equipment
  • A whistle (or other loud noise-making device)
  • Optional referee


  • Leave the whistle at the starting point or give it to the referee.


  1. The Lazer Tag Code must be observed.
    These are the basic rules for almost any Lazer Tag game.

  2. There are no boundaries.
    A player can go anywhere with no limits.

  3. The game can end in a draw.
    If the game continues with just a few remaining players who cannot seem to find each other, the referee and/or tagged out players can decide when to call it a draw.
    The game cannot be called a draw if fewer than 75% of the players have been tagged out.

  4. A whistle should mark the end of the game.
    Upon hearing the whistle, all remaining players must immediately return to the start.


  • Any player who is the only one not tagged out wins.
  • If the whistle is blown to end the game, the person with the fewest tags on his sensor wins.
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