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Electronic Capture the Flag

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Steal the opposing team's flag and return it to your base.


  • At least four players with Lazer Tag equipment
  • A good sized outdoor playing field (obstacles recommended)
  • A set of Laser Challenge Capture the Flag equipment
  • A whistle (or other loud noise-making device)
  • Optional referee
Since the Laser Challenge Capture the Flag equipment doesn't shoot or register any hits, it's just as compatible with Lazer Tag as it is with Laser Challenge equipment.


  1. Take the electronic flags and place them at opposite ends of the playing field they should not be within sight of each other.
  2. Turn the flags on with either the 30 or 60 second settings depending on the size of your field.
  3. All players should position themselves within ten feet of their team's flag.


  1. The Lazer Tag Code must be observed.
    These are the basic rules for almost any Lazer Tag game.

  2. The flag can be passed.
    The flag is allowed to be passed from player to player. Team play should be encouraged.

  3. A flag's timer must be reset in its base.
    A flag is designed to only be activated in its base. If it is reset outside of its base, it will not function correctly. If any flag is reset outside of its base, it should be returned to the base immediately.

  4. Flags cannot be removed for a period of time longer than their time limit.
    If a flag is out of its base for longer than its 30 or 60 second time limit, it will "explode". This eliminates the last player to carry the flag unless that player is on the team protecting that flag. If the last player to carry the flag has already been tagged out, nobody is eliminated upon explosion.

  5. Eliminated players carrying flags should place the flag on the ground.
    If a player is tagged out while carrying a flag, the flag should be placed on the ground for other players to take...unless the flag has exploded.

  6. Exploded flags must be returned immediately.
    If a flag explodes while being carried, the elimiated player must deactivate his or her weapon and return the flag to its base and reset the timer before leaving the field. If an eliminated player leaves the field without returning the flag, another player from his or her team is automatically eliminated.

  7. Uncarried flags should be returned by the team protecting it.
    Players protecting a flag which has been left behind by an eliminated player should return it to the base without fear of explosion. Once placed in the base, the timer should be reset.

  8. The time limit cannot be changed in the middle of a game.
    Unless agreed upon by both sides, the flag's time limit cannot be changed from 30 to 60 seconds or 60 to 30 seconds in the middle of a game. Any player who sets the time incorrectly can be eliminated. If the player is already eliminated, one of his or her teammates can be removed from play.


  • Any team who captures the opposing team's flag and returns it to their team's base wins.
  • Any team who eliminates all players on the opposing team wins.
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