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A team has to cross the battlefield and avoid being tagged out by two other teams.


  • At least six players with Lazer Tag equipment
  • A good sized playing field with hiding places
    (The size depends on the number of players and the intended length and complexity of the game.)


  1. Split into three teams. One team should be the convoy while the other teams are ambushers.
  2. Split the playing field in half. Select a starting point and finish line on opposite ends of the field so that the convoy has to travel through each half to get to the end.
  3. The third team should position themselves anywhere in the distant half while the second team positions themselves in the close half, but not within sight of the start.
  4. The convoy members should organize around the starting point.
  5. When a signal is given (via whistle or other means) the game begins.


  1. The Lazer Tag Code must be observed.
    These are the basic rules for almost any Lazer Tag game.

  2. Players not in the convoy can only stay in their half of the territory.
    Only convoy members are allowed to cross between halves of the playing field. Other players are restricted to staying in the area to which their team was assigned. Any non-convoy player found in someone else's territory is eliminated.


  • The convoy wins if they tag out both of the other teams or one member reaches the finish line.
  • The opposing teams win if they tag out the convoy.

Alternate Versions

  • Assign one member of the convoy to need to be protected. Everyone in the convoy must try to protect this player. The person being protected is the one who needs to cross the finish line to win. If the person being protected is tagged out, the convoy loses.

  • After the first convoy wins or is defeated, they can take the place of one of the other two teams and that team becomes the convoy.

  • If the convoy's task is too easy game after game or the playing field is too small, change the goal so that they will need to reach the finish line and then return to the start.
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