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The Second Annual Tom Servo Fan Club Trivia Challenge @SCIFI.CON

Take the Trivia Challenge
Think you've figured out how they eat and breathe? Then take our Trivia Challenge of 50 questions to test your knowledge of other science facts.

Check the High Score List
These are the masters of MST3K trivia. They're the elite mystery scientists who know every detail of the show, every quote, and just about every reference.

View Last Year's Challenge
Did you miss out on last year's Trivia Challenge? Although that quiz is no longer active, you can still read the questions and answers and see what you missed out on.

Visit the 
Tom Servo Fan Club
Visit the site and find lots more to quench your MST3K thirst. Be sure to join the Tom Servo Fan Club create your own personal web page!

to you by The Tom Servo Fan Club

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