You probably see where this is going…

Bad day. Went just about as I predicted…

Got to Painville a little before Noon, sat and fumed while FreakBoss talked on the phone and messed around with a letter in Word for an hour, went to lunch with FreakBoss and his business partner, listened to them endlessly flirt with the butt-ugly waitress, got back to the office at 2pm-ish, and was asked to plagerize Interland’s web hosting brochure for their site. (I’d show you the actual site, but I’d rather they don’t find this page in referrer logs. Besides, I don’t know if Interland has a page that has the text from the brochure.) About an hour into this, FreakBoss leaves. At 4pm-ish, he claims he’ll be about another hour and a half before he returns to the office. By 4:30, everyone else has left the office. I finish what I’m doing at 5:10pm, close the blinds, and lock the door at 5:15 and go home. (Yeah, like I’m gonna wait just so he can pretend I’m his buddy and tell me stuff he could just as easily tell me via e-mail.)

Anyway, stop at Toys R Us on the way home to amuse myself. No Renamon toys at that one. I’ll try another nearby TRU in the next few days. (A toy would really help in making the costume since it’s a 3D representation.) XBox is there, but no kids are playing it the whole time I was there…only the PS2 and Gamecube and Gameboy Advance. I didn’t even see anyone look at XBox stuff. That amused me. XBox sucks. 🙂

I stopped at Arby’s for dinner. (I had a craving for roast beef and curly fries.) Then I stopped by Jo-Ann Fabric to check out materials for a Renamon costume. I got three 1’x2′ sheets of plastic grid stuff. I guess people use it with yarn to make wall hangings or crap like that. I’m going to use it as the framework for Renamon’s head.

After filling my gas tank (Plainville trips eat up 1/4th of my tank), I swung by the store for some Coke, chocolate cream pie, and other stuff I didn’t realize I needed until I saw it.

Arriving home, I discover FreakBoss has e-mailed me at 7pm asking me to work on more of his crap. “lets get a dialog going – I am in the office now and will be for an hour or so – was hoping you would be here tomorrow – are you saying Monday is the soonest?”
Pffft…”a dialog”. Yeah, whatever dude. I’ve got OTHER work to do. Even when I’m doing HIS work, I’d be more productive doing it at home on my real Mac instead of sitting on a couch, hunched over my PowerBook that’s down on a coffee table.

An hour later, he follows that up with a long e-mail filled with content he obviously stole from another web site. I’m not sure what he wants me to use it for. The only explanation at the top of the e-mail is, “Possible content for web”. I wonder if he wants me to replace all that plagiarized content that I just typed in by hand with what he pasted into the e-mail.
By the way, his e-mail contained 25 attachments that made a mess of my desktop. I haven’t looked at them, but most of them end in “.url”.

I hate him. I really hate him!
Still no job prospects. Not even a nibble in a week. I could just tell him I quit, but I’d prefer to have the excuse of having a better web design job. If I quit and had no new job, I’m sure he’d keep bugging me to do work for him.

I forgot to mention… He was whistling. Most of the time he was in the office, he was whistling! ARRRGH!

Anyway, I spent the night watching TV and started my Renamon mask. It’s hard making a mask for my own head. It would help if I had model of my head I could make the mask around. Maybe I’ll attempt that tomorrow before I go and mess up the mask. (Although it’s not like that plastic stuff is expensive or anything…but I’d rather get it right the first time if I can.)

November 15, 2001

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