Yes, it’s still broken.

I still can’t access my web server and e-mail. I was able to see the web server when I was at my parents’ house this past weekend, but I couldn’t access e-mail from there with Eudora. From home, I get nothing…but apparently Babelfish can see it since it was able to translate a page (although none of the graphics load since those are handled directly.)

Hopefully this will be fixed soon. The e-mail is going through, but it’s just sitting there unread. I have no idea how much is waiting there for me now.

I’m fairly cheesed off about it.

Anyway, I just went through the CHiPs folder on my hard drive. It was a big mess with all the CHiPs-related crap I had thrown in there over the last seven years that I’ve run the site. I had multiple copies of a lot of images (in some cases at least three copies) so I sorted them into subdirectories and then went and tossed out the smaller or crappier copies and kept the big, unwatermarked ones. After making a backup of the originals, I went ahead and made new watermarked versions of most of them. (I’m about 3/4ths done.) There were a lot that I had collected and thrown in that directory that never made it online. Once I finish watermarking, I’ll put them online…after I can get to the web server again.
…and once that’s done, it’ll mean I won’t have to touch the stupid CHiPs site for another year. 🙂 Why do I keep running it if I’m not even a fan of the show? Three reasons: 1) Its advertising pulls in a few bucks, 2) With so much information there, I’d hate to see it just shut off and deleted, 3) There’s nobody I can really pass it off to that is interested in and capable of running it.
…but whatever. It’s not like it takes a lot of effort. There’s rarely any new developments in the world of CHiPs…at least not since that“CHiPs” ’99 TV movie that caused the web server to be overloaded with traffic while it aired.

March 26, 2002

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