Yes, another fox. I must be sick in the head.

Fox McCloud

That new costume I was talking about a few days ago (see Nov 3)? Fox McCloud from Starfox Adventures. I’ve given it some thought and decided to move it up my list of possibilities. The hardest part would be the head, but I’m confident that I can do a more accurate job with that head than I did with Renamon’s. (…and I still want to re-make Renamon’s head at some point.)

“Are you hot?” was a common question I got in the Renamon outfit. To be honest, I was much more comfortable wearing that than I was when I wore a black T-shirt and shorts. The yellow/white costume seemed to reflect the light and heat. …but, yeah, I did get a bit hot a couple times standing outside in the sun. The only part of the costume that tended to get uncomfortable was the head. Since I was breathing in there, it got warm. Some sort of vent would help. I’ll take that into consideration next time.

Anyway, we’ll see how it goes…

By the way, if any of you girls are interested in cosplaying Krystal (Fox’s blue friend), I’d probably be able to make the head for her as well…since it’s essentially the same shape as Fox’s and I’d just need to do the same thing twice.

PS: I am NOT a furvert!

November 7, 2002

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