Work, cable, and giants: What’s in your wallet?

I finished the work I was doing for ICS. (Not to be confused with FreakBoss. This guy pays well and doesn’t scare me.)

The cable guy came and fixed my cable box in the bedroom. I should check to see if it’s still getting free HBO. đŸ™‚

I got e-mail from They Might Be Giants about some new songs at Two are free. Grab ’em if you like TMBG.

I’m hungry. Must seek food. …and I’m gonna go get some little gifts for the gang up in NH. (Going up there for a party tomorrow.)

Adam talked to the Park Plaza and they came down on their offer. I really wanna have the con there. The Sheraton is still cheaper, but I think the Park Plaza would work out much nicer. If we had the main ballroom at the Sheraton, it might be better there…but we can’t afford that. So between the space we’ve been offered at both hotels, I really think the Park Plaza’s ballroom would impress people more than just some large room at the Sheraton.

Here, you be the judge. Which is a better main events room for an anime con? The Sheraton or the Park Plaza? See what I mean?

December 14, 2001

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