White noise

This white noise being piped through the office is making me insane. It’s a constant hissing from hundreds of speakers on the ceiling. Imagine that there were hundreds of TVs tuned to static with the volume set low. That’s what this office sounds like.
…and someone thought this was a good idea?

It’s not so bad during the day when there are people around, but it really grates on my soul when I’m here late.

Three possible courses of action:

  1. Get access to the security closet where the white noise generator is and add a radio controlled toggle so I can turn it on and off at will.
  2. Get access to the security closet and pipe in some music instead of white noise.
  3. Find a ladder and climb up the 17′ to the ceiling and snip some wires.

I think #3 sounds good and would be worth following up on if I’m ever here after everyone is gone and the facilities people happen to leave a 15′ ladder laying about.

February 10, 2003

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