Note the time. I really have to start going to bed earlier.

I’ve been wearing my cat ears around the apartment a lot…just for fun. I’ve fixed the tail and put that on a few times too. Boredom? Perhaps. I dunno. I guess I’m just a freak in my own little way.

I got a video in the mail from Saturn. I popped it in to check it out tonight. It’s about 6 minutes long and horribly produced. It looks like it was recorded on a home video camera and they asked the dealership’s (somewhat attractive) secretary to read the cue cards. It seemed to be kind of random too. First they start off talking about the new Vue and show a still picture, but then they jump to talking about “amazing trade-in deals … up to 120% of the book value for your used Saturn … with 0% financing for the live of the loan.” Not a bad deal, but I’m definitely not about to buy a new car right now. Mine’s paid off and it runs fine…and I have negative income. What would be the point?
So then the tape ends by telling me I can take the tape to the dealership to be recycled and they’ll give me $10 off an oil change. Sweet! I’ve been needing one for a while now. Even though I have no money, I should really get that done before it causes bigger problems. I’ll tape over their ad first and put amusing things on the tape. 🙂 Probably just anime music videos though…since I don’t have any porn. (No, I don’t need you to send me any either.)

My parents are coming down to Boston this weekend while I’ll be at Arisia. I’ll probably have dinner with them on Sunday and I’m sure they’ll want to see my apartment since they haven’t been here before. (That means lots of cleaning up before they arrive.) I’ve been here three and a half months! Usually they insist on helping me move, but since they have bad backs, I refused this time…but I expected them to show up the following week. I suppose it’s good in that it’s a sign that they trust me to pick a good place to live. Heh…I wonder if I should drive them to some run down place and tell them it’s where I live just to see their reaction. 🙂

Heard from Cousin Tim. He says he forwarded my resume to the appropriate person. We’ll see what happens there.
I also heard from Susan (a former ExpertCentral co-worker) who’s at MIT now and said she’d put Digital UI into their list of web contractors and send us an RFS.
…so there seem to be a lot more inquiries and openings lately, but not much follow-up. I guess it’s a small sign that things are starting to improve…but I can’t rest until I get a paycheck in hand. However, once I do get that paycheck, I’m gonna throw a BIG celebration party! My good fortune will be EVERYONE’S good fortune. Hey Lizz, if the paycheck’s big enough, I’ll even fly you up from Mobile for the weekend. 😉

January 17, 2002

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