What did I do today?

I have this feeling of accomplishment, but I really haven’t done much all day. I installed forum software on my lameĀ Lazer Tag web site… I mailed a package to a relative up in Skowhegan, Maine… I checked the company mailbox… I went to Staples and Toys R Us… But I really didn’t do much now that I look back on it. Oh well.

I have no desire to go see the Harry Potter movie…which is a good thing because the parking lots near the theater were packed!

I got a little Renamon figure at Toys R Us, so that should help with the costume. I have the general shape of the head done in that plastic mesh stuff. It will need the ears and pointy bits in the back before the framework is done. Then I’ll be able to cover it in felt.
The costume is still a big undertaking, but I’m just taking it one thing at a time. I’ll probably do the arms next. They look like fun.

Now I’m sitting on #animedvd since Lizzard said she might show up there soon. I miss her and hope her schedule won’t always be so busy as it has been recently.

November 16, 2001

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