Wendy is my goddess of love!

Three five-piece nuggets and a small Coke at Wendy’s: $4.05
Estimated value of prizes: $4.99

Pete and I went to Wendy’s at lunch today. They’ve got a “Movie Mania” game going on where you can win prizes. Top prize is free movie rentals for life. (I’d almost rather have the DVD player prize since my DVD player died on me two years ago and I’ve had to rely on my cruddy PS2 since then.) Anyway, everyone’s a winner! Pete won a free Frosty and a sandwich. I won two free movie rentals and a free Frosty (with purchase). Not bad!

It’s like gambling…but we get prizes and food every time. We can’t lose! I get the feeling we’ll be eating a lot of Wendy’s before the contest ends on October 4th.

September 18, 2002

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