Welcome to Mac OS 9.2

Mac OS 9.2 has been out for a while, but I just upgraded to that on my PowerBook G3 tonight. Once I get a real job, I’ll get a new desktop Mac and start using Mac OS X…but until that time, it’s easier to keep using OS 9 on both my desktop and laptop.

Enterprise was good tonight. I also watched The Amazing Race again. (I missed the last two weeks of that.) I was hoping “Team Guido” would get eliminated. It was close. Maybe next time. As long as the frat brothers get to stay. They make me laugh.
That’s the only reality show I like. The only other reality shows I’ve liked were the first season of The Mole, Lost (which was unfortunately cancelled) and Real World: Boston. Sure, I made a video parody of Survivor, but that doesn’t mean I like the show. In fact, having to watch it to get the damn footage made me hate it even more.

I’ve been thinking about costumes for anime conventions again lately. I’m already committed to doing The Shot as part of the #animedvd Clow Card group, but I’d like a couple other new costumes too (especially since I’m also planning on going to Anime North, Anime Expo, and Mikkakan next year.)
I was originally thinking a chocobo costume would be cool, but it would be difficult to make (even if I got help from funakupo.) It would also be next to impossible to transport to Anime Expo in Long Beach, CA. Now I’m thinking that the Digimon Renamon might be cool. That costume wouldn’t be as bulky and since it’s more humanoid, it would be easier to make. A good intermediate step before a chocobo.
Another possibility is Gaddes from Escaflowne. I wouldn’t need a wig and it would be easy to bring to California. Plus, I could jump in for group photos with other Escaflowne cosplayers, like Gideon or Lizz. Also, Jody and her roommates might be talked into doing an Escaflowne group for Mikkakan, so it could come in handy there.
The other possibility is if I can talk Jody & pals into doing Voltron characters. It has been discussed at length and she’d like to do Princess Allura, Nikki would make a great Pidge, and I could be Keith. Tiff seemed pretty excited about making a mouse costume too. Jody’s husband, Matt, would make a good Hunk, but he refuses to be “the fat guy” and doesn’t want to be part of our evil scheme…yet.
So for right now it looks like The Shot is the only definate costume and Renamon is a strong possibility. We’ll see…

I’m going to Plainville tomorrow morning. Ugh. I hope to get out of there fast. If I end up stuck there all day again, I won’t be in a good mood tomorrow night.

Oh…and Riki was apparently telling people at her birthday party that I was a “really hot guy”. 🙂

November 14, 2001

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