Now, except for some Apple products, I don’t normally stand behind any product and endorse it…but after this past weekend, I feel obligated to endorse this one product… Colgate Tartar Control Plus Whitening toothpaste.


I went up to Maine to visit my grandmothers on Sunday afternoon. While sitting and talking with one of them, she asked if I had just been to the dentist because my teeth looked really white. I’m actually a bad boy and haven’t been to the dentist since before I was laid off by About.com. (The decision between spending money on food or dentistry was an easy one.)
A few minutes later, my aunt sat down with us and she commented on my teeth too. Okay, that’s a bit unusual…

That night, I went to visit my other grandmother. About a half an hour into our conversation, she commented on how my teeth looked white. What the hell!?

So either this Colgate Tartar Control Plus Whitening toothpaste really works well or everyone in Maine has really yellow teeth that make mine look white. I don’t get it, but after years of just buying whatever kind of toothpaste without really caring, I think I finally found one I’ll stick with.

…and after writing this, I’d better get some free stuff from Colgate.

September 10, 2002

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