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I discovered the cable channel “G4” this week. It’s a new cable channel devoted to video games. Interesting concept.

The whole network looks like it was produced on a shoestring budget. The sets for their 13 original shows (at least the ones that even use sets) are pretty cheap looking…except for a couple big flatscreen TVs that appear in every set.
“We bought these expensive TVs and dammit we’re gonna use ’em!”

A few of the shows are video game review shows. There’s another that’s a news show. They’ve even tried to make a drama show called¬†Portal…but it’s so poorly done that it makes MST3K look high tech. I can’t figure out if they’re trying to be cheesy or not. That’s the only¬†show on the network that I haven’t enjoyed.

My favorite is called Arena. It’s a show where two guys offer commentary on video game tournaments. Entertaining and funny. To top it off, one of the commentators is Wil Wheaton of ST:TNG fame.

G4 seems to be:

  • 4% Pringles commercials
  • 8% video game commercials
  • 8% filler for unsold commercial spots
  • 40% game reviews
  • 30% game tournaments/contests
  • 10% stupid concepts

Anyway, if you have G4, check it out and then visit If you don’t have G4, go here.


October 12, 2002

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