Turkey, Newtype, and housing: What would Tyrone Willingham do?

Had Turkey Day here at my parents’ new house. Lots of the family came over and ate whatever…turkey, smelly cheese, veggies, pie… I like pie. Actually, the chocolate cream pie wasn’t too good. Tasted kind old. Bought from a restaurant (Cole Farms in Gray) so I’m not surprised.

I found Newtype #2 at a gaming/comic shop in South Portland on Friday. I think it’s one of only about two copies in Maine. There are no Suncoast, Barnes & Noble, Sam Goody, or Fry’s stores up here…so I had to resort to small places in hopes that they’d carry it.
Issue #2 seems to be an improvement, but it’s still full of oddities and mistakes. For example, their convention listing is still wrong…and it’s not like that’s something complex. …especially when they could just refer to my anime con list.

So one of my grandmothers lives in an “assisted living” place. Not really a nursing home, but not really independent. Apparently a lot of her friends are there and she talked about how they had weekly bridge games, movies, and all that stuff. I told her it sounded like college without all the wild parties, “…but I bet you have some big parties in your place anyway, right?”
It got me thinking…why don’t they have places like that for other age groups? College dorms, then you go live on your own, then you’re back together in the retirement home? Why not someplace for twenty-somethings fresh out of college with similar interests to live together and get nifty perks (T1 lines, pool, athletic club, etc.)? I have plenty of friends who live with friends or want to live near friends…and also want affordable housing. Maybe we should all go in together and buy an old mill or something.
I dunno…probably a stupid idea. Sounds like a cult compound.

November 30, 2002

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