Travel plans

I’m going up to Maine tomorrow morning…at least that’s the plan. I’m going to attempt to get to the glass studio where my mother spends her Wednesday mornings before she leaves. It’s a surprise. They don’t expect me until late Wednesday night at the earliest. I’ve created a nice web site for the glass studio as well, so I want to show it to them while I’m there.

As far as our Boston anime convention goes, we’re still hung up on the name. “Anime Boston” vs “Anime Revolution”. I came up with both names, but I like “Anime Boston” a lot more. It makes it more memorable that it’s “the con in Boston” and the name won’t get jumbled with all those other “Anime Central/Oasis/Fest/Express” names. I always get those mixed up. Plus, all the sensible “Anime Revolution” domain names are taken.
The eight of us planning the con have been deadlocked on the name for a week. At Adam’s request, I started a poll on Anime on DVD. As of right now, Anime Boston is ahead 6 to nothing. Sweet! Thanks to everyone who voted so far. Your checks are in the mail. 😉
I’m going to start working on logo and site design concepts over the weekend.

One last thing… I made an addition to Monday’s first entry where I forgot to mention fun stuff from Sunday night. I guess I was too busy talking about Monday that I forgot I never talked about Sunday. Oops!

I guess I should get to bed now if I actually plan to get my ass on the road tomorrow morning.

November 20, 2001

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