Thursday, July 13, 1995

Tim’s driveway is made of small red rocks. In the place where we launched the rockets, there was a small crater.
We then went over and checked out the lighter (which was the only trace of the fire). All that remained was the metal top and a spring. I picked up the metal…and some rocks were attached. The melted plastic had joined them together.
Hmmm…Colonel Robert Lewis in the Enola Gay and Tim Lewis in his driveway. Both made big explosions.
We had a train to catch. I had no idea how long it would take to get to Trenton. Tim said it wouldn’t take too long.
We drove into Trenton and arrived at the Amtrak station about 15 minutes before our train was supposed to arrive and leave. There was a parking lot across the street charging $6 per day. What a deal! (Remember, I paid $10.50!) Tim decided he didn’t want to leave the van parked there until Tuesday, so…with 6 minutes before our train was to arrive/leave…we left.
Tim said we’d have to get a ride the next day. So we went to a nearby mall and spent several hours in the Barnes & Noble. On the way back, we picked up “Ed Wood” and “True Lies” and brought them back to Tim’s.
We watched them until late at night. Tim returned them while I got ready for bed.
Since his sister was going to drive us to the station Friday morning, we’d have to get up early and get the early train.

I had originally intended to type up the story of the rest of my trip…going up to Boston and Maine with Tim and returning him to Boston, but I never did. So that’s it for this installment.

July 13, 1995

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