This morning’s dream

I had a dream this morning that I was walking in the Quincy Market area with Rebecca and Shawn (LadyFae and b00ga). It had just rained and the bricks were a little wet. Lots of people walking around, as usual. As we came upon one group of people, they started applauding someone. I thought it might have been a street performer, but when we poked our heads over the crowd, we found out that it was Scott McNeil and his wife. Scott was crouched down and had apparently just performed CPR and saved a little boy’s life.

So anyway, after saying to Rebecca and Shawn, “Hey! That’s Scott McNeil!”, we hung out for a minute as the crowd dispersed. After Scott stood up and began to walk off, I approached him. When he saw me, he immediately recognized me and said, “Patrick Delahanty! How you doin’?!” …which made me kind of surprised that he remembered my last name.
I told him we were just spending the day in the city and beckoned for Rebecca and Shawn to come over and meet Scott…but they kept their distance.

After talking to him about things for a bit more, his wife and some other heavyset guy had been seated at a table. Scott ran over to one of the Quincy Market seafood places (probably to get a lobster). As he returned to the table, he invited us to sit and eat with him, but we had to refuse since we had to be somewhere.

…and then I woke up. Damn.

I usually don’t remember dreams this vividly, but it must be because it happened just before I woke up (which left me in one of those “did it happen or not?” states for a few seconds) and because my sleep wasn’t interrupted by an alarm (or two) like it usually is.

By the way, Scott’s appearing at Ani-Magic this weekend with fellow Gundam guy Kirby Morrow…so he’s about as far away from Boston as he can get.

October 5, 2002

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