The Sims Online will put Evercrack to shame

The Sims Online

If you thought Everquest had a ton of people addicted, you ain’t seen nothing yet. I’m convinced that The Sims Online will blow past any MMORPG and reign supreme. Why? Chicks dig it. I mean, they REALLY dig it. More than half of the people who play The Sims (according to statistics I’ve seen) are women. …and once the women are there, the guys will follow. I mean, it’s a game where one of the main things to do is go and hit on women, kiss them, and work up to a bit of nookie. What teenage boy doesn’t want a little bit of that?

The only thing that remains to be seen is how many of those boys will be getting slapped when they try the same moves the next day at school.

Christine (yes, my boss) and I started a house (it’s easier if multiple people pool their money) called “Clock Tower Place” (named after our office complex) in Iberhaven (or whatever it’s called.) I can only play after hours at the office (since I have no PC at home), but she’s online a lot from home. If you have the game, stop by and say hello. Our goal is to start up a brew pub…or at least my goal. She’s happy spending money on $5000 fancy tubs. (I made her sell it so we could afford a toilet.)

By the way, my character is a light blue robot named “GIR”.

November 26, 2002

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