The last time we saw our hero…

Well, it’s been a while since I updated the ol’ blog…so I’ll do it now instead of going to bed.

I didn’t end up leaving until late. Once I knew that I’d have little chance to surprise my mother at the glass studio, I decided not to rush things and watched some TV and puttered about for a few hours. While I did that, I got another e-mail from FreakBoss. I totally ignored it. That was Wednesday. It’s now Tuesday morning and I haven’t talked to him since…but I’ve gotten two e-mails and two answering machine messages…very brief. “Pat. This is Rich. Gimme a call. 508-555-5555.” Whatever. He can still bite me. I’ll send him e-mail when I get up in the morning…but I am NOT going down there. He doesn’t need me down there…unless he’s gonna give me the money he owes me for the 11 hours I have yet to be paid for.

One more thing about FreakBoss and then I’ll talk about more pleasant things… Here’s the gem of an e-mail I got on Wednesday afternoon:

To: “‘Patrick Delahanty'”
Subject: Have a good holiday…
Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2001 15:56:38 -0500
Patrick if your like me I know you’ll be working…. Good…. But have a good holiday anyway. Are you going north for the holidays? If not I can track you down on Friday…

Work? Friday? HA HA HA! Good one… I needed a laugh.

Anyway, I got to my parents around 7:30pm and ordered Chinese food with my father. When I got back home with the food, my mother got home. (She was picking up my cousin up at UMO with my aunt.) We all had Chinese and crashed for the night.

My mother had to work on Thanksgiving, so the plan was to have our Thanksgiving dinner on Friday. My father had some neck surgery a month ago, so he can’t drive anywhere. I became his personal chauffeur for the weekend…so after I did a couple loads of laundry, we went out to see “Spy Game”. Decent movie. We liked it…but my father’s neck brace got some weird looks from some people who were probably wondering what happened to him.

On Friday, we ate our turkey dinner. Yummy! After cleaning our plates, we headed down to Falmouth to see my grandmother and cousins. I spent the last hour of the visit watching Junkyard Wars with three of them (and a corgi dog that looks just like Ein in Cowboy Bebop!)

My mother worked again on Saturday and Sunday. I spent most of Saturday either just hanging out around the house or driving my father around on various errands to the hardware store, grocery store, and gassing up cars. ($0.99/gal? Sweet!)

On Sunday, I cleaned out all the gutters on the house and managed to get my newly cleaned jeans all filthy. My return trip was delayed an hour and a half while I re-washed them to get the mud off.
Once I got back home, I crashed in front of the TV to watch Star Wars: Episode I and remind myself why I’m not buying that DVD. …and then watching the Junkyard MegaWars special. When that was all over with, I went and registered the necessary domain names for Anime Boston and signed up for web hosting.

As for today (Monday), I let the phone ring when FreakBoss called and just spent the day catching up on stuff and relaxing.

…but the Anime Boston web site is up if you want to take a peek. Not much for content yet…but we’ll have more once we pick a hotel and a date. I installed and configured the forum software too, but that’s not linked in until the other organizers check it out first.

Anyway, I should get to bed so I can get a few hours of sleep before FreakBoss attempts to call me again. (I wonder how many times he’d try before giving up and stopping completely.)

November 27, 2001

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