pita = Pain In The Ass

Pita was down yesterday and it seems to be mighty unreliable today. I’ll probably ditch it and write my own stupid blog system before long. It’s not like it’s hard. Called Apple. They’re sending a nifty new round AC adapter for my PowerBook to replace my current one. Woo! Anyway… Yesterday, Greg came over with […]

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November 8, 2001

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I’m dreading tomorrow

I’ve got to call Greg’s boss tomorrow morning and drive to Plainville. …assuming he doesn’t call me first and wake me up. Why do I have to drive to Painville? Beats the hell outta me. You’d think it could be handled over the phone instead of making me drive an hour each way just to […]

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November 5, 2001

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Office Space

I’m watching Office Space on Comedy Central. There’s a scene where the boss wants the guy to work on the weekend and calls and keeps leaving messages on his machine. That’s my day. *sigh*

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November 4, 2001

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