Star Trek: Voyager predictions

U.S.S. Voyager

21 years ago, Star Trek: Voyager had just hit the airwaves. I made some predictions about the show and posted them to Usenet… Here are my predictions for Voyager that will probably happen at some point. 1) The most obvious plot is that Voyager finds a way home but for some stupid reason that will be argued […]

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Record this…

I still intend to write about Katsucon, but I’ve been busy trying to catch up on stuff. (I finally caught up on Digimon Frontier tonight.) …but I just had to poke my nose in here to say that I bought a TiVo. It should be shipped to the office next Wednesday or so. I used […]

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February 21, 2003

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TV 4 Gamers

I discovered the cable channel “G4” this week. It’s a new cable channel devoted to video games. Interesting concept. The whole network looks like it was produced on a shoestring budget. The sets for their 13 original shows (at least the ones that even use sets) are pretty cheap looking…except for a couple big flatscreen […]

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October 12, 2002

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The box is locked…

Comedy Central apparently cancelled BattleBots season 6.0. This season will be the last. First Invader Zim, then Farscape, now BattleBots. Next, I’ll be hearing that The Amazing Race or Junkyard Wars is cancelled. When that happens, I might as well sell my TV. This further confirms my theory that network executives are idiots.

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October 1, 2002

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Another day of my life wasted

I wanted to go out to the store today and get some real food…and just get out of the house, but it snowed again. Not much, but enough to make things white or wet. It killed any motivation I had to go outside. …and then my cable modem went wonky for large chunks of time. […]

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March 21, 2002

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Boredom or lack of motivation? I’m not sure which.

So I didn’t do much today since I didn’t feel like going out in the snowstorm. I just sat here, watched TV, and sketched web site architectures and layouts. Not too thrilling. My father mailed some Girl Scout cookies today. Yum! I’m 5 cookies away from finishing half a box of Thin Mints. I’m sure […]

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March 18, 2002

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Games, lunch, and flights

Mike was here and we played a few video games and went out to lunch at Cabot’s. Good food. 🙂 At around 5:30, he left to go drinking with John Bligh and some of his college buddies. I watched the tape of this morning’s Transformers and Digimon episodes and now I’m bored. I guess there’s […]

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March 16, 2002

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Another late update

Jody, Michi, Nikki, and Matt came over on Wednesday to celebrate my birthday. That was fun. We watched MST3K, Invader Zim, Dragon Half, and some other stuff, played “Kill Dr. Lucky”, had cake, and stuff like that. Michi made a great cake…and I’ve still got 1/3rd of it left over. Jody made me a shirt […]

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March 7, 2002

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