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I got a letter in the mail today from Windsor Village, the apartment/townhouse place where I lived until the end of September. It says,

Dear Friend;
Hello from Windsor Village! Although you are settled in your new apartment, we wanted to check in and see how things are going. We hope that you are enjoying your new place…and must admit we are jealous of your new neighbors. What can we say? We miss you!
We would like to take this time to invite you to come home to Windsor Village. As an important and valued past member of our community, we want you back. If you are completely happy in your new apartment, then we wish you the best. But, if you are missing us as much as we are missing you…then please come back! We invite you to call us at 781-###-####….or stop by. We would love to help you chose [sic] a new home in Windsor Village.
The Windsor Village Team

Now, what’s funny about this is that they pretty much kicked me out. I didn’t have a blog back then, so I’ll explain… I got a letter saying they were increasing my rent 30% and that I’d only be able to stay until April 2002 since they had scheduled my townhouse for renovation. Was I going to stay for six months at an insane rent and then have to move out anyway? Hell no! I wrote them back telling them I was going to move out and wishing them luck renting the place at such an insanely high rent for just six months in a poor economy.
They wrote back saying I could stay for the normal 5% cost-of-living rent increase that they had done the year before. I might have considered it, but the fact I’d have to move out in April anyway plus the fact that they had the balls to ask for a 30% increase just pissed me off too much to stay.
The day I went off to sign my new lease, I called Windsor Village to find out exactly when I had to be out of there. The guy begged me to stay and offered the same rent I was paying. Too late, dude.
They’ve been doing renovations there for a little over a year now and might be 20% done. They’re kicking out all the existing residents, renovating the places to be a little nicer, raising the rents 50% on the renovated places, and then wondering why very, very few people are moving into the new places. Um…DUH!

I’ve only willingly changed where I’ve lived once…when I moved from a stinky (literally) 1st floor Medford apartment to the third floor of a house in Newton. I had to move out of there because the guys who owned the house sold it and moved to California to have wild orgies with their Billy doll.
It reminds me of my jobs. I’ve only willingly changed jobs once. All the other companies have died under me.

Anyway, enough about that… I went Christmas shopping today and got most of it done. Only two things left on my list to get…and I should be able to go out and get those tomorrow afternoon.

December 19, 2001

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