Stop & Shop drops from the top

There’s a Stop & Shop supermarket near me that’s open 24 hours (except early Sunday morning). Since it’s only a block away and huge, I usually shop for groceries there…but not after today.

I went in there for just some soda and snacks. For a while, I’ve been frustrated by their ice cream selection. If you like Butter Pecan, it’s heaven…since that’s about all they carry. If I want Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup (my favorite), I have to go to Star Market. I’ve e-mailed the place (through the corporate web site), they thanked me for my comments, and then apparently promptly ignored me. Nothing has really changed as far as their poor ice cream selection goes. The guy must be a big Butter Pecan fan.

So failing to find my Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup (or even PLAIN CHOCOLATE!), I walked over to the asile with chips. Ever since discovering Ruffles 3Ds in January, I’ve been addicted to the cheese flavor. Stop & Shop usually had a few bags among the others in their huge asile. Not anymore. No sign of them. …but I know the product hasn’t been discontinued since I still see it advertised all over the place. WTF?

Okay, so this HUGE grocery store doesn’t have two of my favorite snack food items. At least they still stock Mountain Dew. …but only having 33% of what I was shopping for is poor. Next time I’m going grocery shopping at the Star Market above the Mass Pike. I’ll only go back to the Stop & Shop if every other place is closed.

March 18, 2002

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