Star Trek: Voyager predictions

U.S.S. Voyager

21 years ago, Star Trek: Voyager had just hit the airwaves. I made some predictions about the show and posted them to Usenet…

Here are my predictions for Voyager that will probably happen at some point.

1) The most obvious plot is that Voyager finds a way home but for some stupid reason that will be argued out to death here, they can’t go.

2) Voyager makes it back…but only temporarily.

3) Voyager thinks it’s back, but it’s not really.

4) Communication is made to someone at Starfleet through some amazing way.

5) They run into the Borg. (They’re BOTH in Delta Quadrant…it HAS to happen.)

6) A crewmember becomes evil through possession, cloning, or something. (They’re fine by the end of the show though…)

7) They find an old artifact in space from home.

8) The doctor leaves sickbay on at least one occasion.

9) At the end of the series, after a trying really hard, they find a way home.  …in a two hour special of course.

10) Yet another series starts up (to replace DS9) in a few years…and somehow they make a reference to it. (or a reference on that series is made to Voyager)

11) They make a reference to TOS and TNG.

12) A crewmember will be made up to look like an enemy.

13) Time travel

14) Flashback

Looks like I got all except 2 and 10.  (…although I was close for #10 since Enterprise did reference TOS and TNG episodes, but not DS9 or Voyager.)

After the first episode of Deep Space Nine, I also made some predictions.  (I don’t recall if or when these were posted, but I had referenced them in my Usenet post about Voyager.)

Well…I’ve watched all of my DS9 predictions turn true (except one)

1) The station goes through the wormhole
X 2) TNG will have a reference to DS9, DS9 will have a reference to TOS & TNG
X 3) Someone becomes evil through possession, spacial anomaly, or some other stupid reason
X 4) The wormhole is (temporarily) closed
X 5) Odo will find out where he came from
X 6) Dax will get a new host (temporarily)
X 7) We see a lot more of Bajor than we want to
X 8) Quark has some deal that ends up threatening the station
X 9) Some dangerous new alien comes through the wormhole
X 10) A crewmember will be made up to look like the enemy
X 11) Time Travel
X 12) Flashback to a few years ago (excluding start of “Emissary”)

I’m still waiting for someone/something to push/pull the station to the
Gamma Quadrant. It will happen.

It didn’t happen.  That was the only one I missed.