Snow country

It has snowed (a little or a lot) every damn day since Friday…and it’s going to keep doing that through Thursday of this week (so says I’d like to see the sun again someday.

Got some stuff done at work today, but I really wanted nothing more than going home and crawling into bed. Of course, when I actually do go home in about half an hour, I’ll get doing stuff and probably won’t go to bed until 2am again. I suck.

I’ve been working on editing down all the video I took at cons in 2002 so I can make a DVD with all the best footage. I’ve got much more video from some cons (like Anime North) than others (like Otakon), but by throwing in a few still photos and making each con’s footage watchable on its own (so you don’t have to watch the WHOLE thing if you just want to see AXNY), it should come out good.

My hope is that once I’m done with this project (and after I quickly whip up a DVD of video I took at Christmas) that I can clear out a few dozen Gb of disk space. I need it free so that I can start working on the video for Anime Boston’s opening ceremonies. …and if I don’t have enough free space, I’ll have to go get another hard disk.

I only had 6 Gb until April…and now I’ve got 80 Gb not even a year later and it’s STILL not enough. It’s not like I’m collecting a ton of MP3 or downloading anime. It’s just all this video footage. That chews up space FAST!

In other news…
I’ve gotta figure out what’s up with the Katsucon plans. At this point, I guess I’m pretty much decided that I’m going. Maybe I’m just looking for an excuse to go somewhere…even if it is to a poorly run con (which I say based on my 2001 experience there). I’m going to fly down to DCA or BWI on Friday and return on Sunday. Given Katsucon’s history, I know they don’t start anything until 6pm Friday anyway…and close up in the early afternoon on Sunday. I normally arrive the day before and leave the day after…but I don’t think I’ll bother sticking around there.

Booked my Anime Expo flights this past weekend. I fly BOS->ATL->SNA on July 2nd…and SNA->DFW->BOS on July 7th. Lizz is on my connecting flights to and from SNA (Orange County). Woo! I get company on a flight for once!

Okay, it’s now 6:17pm. Close enough. I’m leaving. (By the time I close down stuff, it’ll probably be 6:30 anyway.)

January 6, 2003

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