Silver CHiPs

Yesterday was the silver (25th) anniversary of “CHiPs”. Why do I care? Because I was stupid enough to have made the world’s first web site for the show. (It started as a joke! I don’t even really like the show!) Anyway, over the last seven years, the site has grown and grown from information people have sent me and I’ve posted. It’s quite popular and gets a fair amount of traffic. Unfortunately, those people don’t seem to click on ads and buy stuff to earn me money. Grrr…

So the 25th anniversary comes and all these fans expect me to do some major thing to celebrate. I changed the home page message. Yay. 🙂 Maybe I’ll go stick up a couple new graphics sometime if I’m bored. Other than that, I really don’t plan to do much with the site. There’s not exactly any breaking news in the world of “CHiPs”, so it’s a relatively easy site to maintain.

September 16, 2002

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