Shopping spree

After work, I drove down to Natick to hit a few stores. I went to A.C.Moore to get a box frame (to put Burned Gundam in), spent most of my $25 gift card at Borders on the Princess Mononoke DVD (which I finally got after having it on my Amazon wish list for years), traded in some misc volume 2 and 3 DVDs that I got free at Otakon for the Ah! My Goddess movie and Arjuna v1, and stopped by Home Depot to get a piece of PVC pipe so I can start making the staff weapon for my Fox McCloud costume. I had dinner at Kelly’s Roast Beef. Yummy!

So that (followed by an episode of Stargate SG-1) kind of cheered me up after an annoying day at the office.

I’ve got to update a web page or two and send out a few e-mails, then I’ll work on that DVD a bit more tonight. I wish I wasn’t out of stuff to drink. I forgot to stop off at the store and don’t feel like going back out…but perhaps my thirst will get the best of me. We’ll see…

January 6, 2003

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