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So I’ve mentioned how the new Monster home page has a big “success story” photo and a silly quote. Well, Pete and I decided to have a little fun. He edited a screenshot of the page to say, “I got laid!” instead of “I got laid off…”. I decided to one-up him by sticking a photo of Lt. Worf on the page and changing the quote to “I killed for my job!” The screenshot was sent to the department.
…and then got sent to Christine’s boss when she wanted to know what she was laughing at.
…who then sent it to her boss.
…who printed out a color copy to bring to Monster’s chairman and founder, Jeff Taylor. (No word on how he liked it.)

(EDIT: Apparently there were more people involved in the distribution than I realized. Just about the whole company has seen this now!)

Why is it that something I did in two minutes as an amusing joke gets more attention than anything else I’ve done in my entire career at Monster?

BTW: Pete did another one after mine with Bert and Ernie and changed the quote to “We got laid!”

January 10, 2003

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