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Matrix Reloaded

I saw a special screening of The Matrix: Reloaded this morning. (With free food! Woo!) It was a very good movie and I enjoyed it a lot. Just make sure you sit through the credits to see the trailer for the final chapter in November.

BIG POINTLESS SPOILERS: (highlight to have the film’s plot-points ruined)

  • The machines are headed toward Zion and some dumbass military leader wants all the ships in the city instead of out fighting the good fight.
  • The masses of people greeting Neo when he got off the elevator reminded me of Anime Boston.
  • Neo and Trinity get it on.
  • Trinity dies.
  • The Nebuchadnezzar explodes.
  • It ends with “TO BE CONCLUDED”…which seems just as cheesy as when they did it in Back to the Future Part II.

They had a little trivia thingie before the show. There were six teams of two. My team won (all modesty aside, thanks to me). I got a copy of Enter the Matrix for PS2.

When I got back to the office, I found a DVD player on my desk. Not a prize from the movie, but actually the reward I ordered from our old “Operation Lead Generation” program. (Pete’s still waiting for his reward he earned by referring new companies to Monster.)

When it rains, it pours… About 15 minutes after sitting down and catching up on e-mails, the new mail room guy came by with a package (for the third time in two days). My copy of .hack//MUTATION for PS2. Woo! I should really finish that first game soon.

Anyway, I’ll be heading out soon. I’ve got to drop this stuff off at home, grab my camera, and go to a tour for space we’re considering for Anime Boston 2005.

May 14, 2003

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