Rebuttal from Jeff

Date: 21 Jan 2003 09:27 AM
To: All Monster Employees
From: Jeff Taylor
A week ago it was brought to my attention, through the Harvard Business School Communications Office, that a concerned Harvard alumni had called out my “misuse” of the term (title) Executive MBA/OPM on my bio.

I have always been upfront about my non-traditional education route. I went to UMASS for almost six years and didn’t graduate. Up until I finally went back to UMASS and graduated in May 2001, I could only say that I “attended” UMASS. Back in 1997, I had an opportunity to receive additional learning at Harvard Business School through their Owner/President Management (OPM) program. It was the ideal program for me, because I could go full-time for three weeks [during the summer for three years], and then go back to work.

In my haste (and exuberance) to add this experience to my bio following graduation in 1999, I named the program what I had called it in conversation throughout my three summers of attending the program: Executive MBA/Owner/President Management program. Over the ensuing months, it was shortened to Executive MBA/OPM. I quite simply used the literal process to label my achievement.

And I was wrong….

Since last Monday when we were notified by the school, we have corrected the title on my bio and on our website. Unfortunately, this matter was covered in Business Week.

My intention was never to dilute the value of the coveted MBA distinction, neither was my intention to elevate my accomplishment. My bio going forward will read Certificate-Owner/President Management (OPM) Program, Executive Education, Harvard Business School. My sincerest apology to the Monster family…

January 21, 2003

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