Pre-Bakuretsu Con Thoughts

I’m actually getting excited about Bakuretsu Con more than I thought I would. Although it will be nowhere as big as Anime Boston was, I think that’s reassuring. I’ll be able to just hang out and relax.

Of course, I still have a lot to do before I go and not much time to do it. Among my to do list is:

  • Finish my new caster gun for Gene Starwind. (I plan to wear that costume up there. I haven’t worn it in a long time.) The thing that has delayed this the most is that I can only work on it for an hour or so each night because then the battery needs to be charged again. 🙁 Well, that and having plastic dust all over my arms is annoying.
  • Get a prototype version of Anime Boston’s new pre-registration system up for testing.
  • Work on the Anime Boston 2004 web site a bit more.
  • Mail in my Anime Boston 2003 expense form.
  • Correct assignments for my Northeastern class.
  • Pay my Visa bill.
  • Keep listening to my .hack//SIGN OST 1 while I hug my grunty.
  • Remember to stick my Best Western frequent guest card (unused since January 2000, but will be used twice in the next month) in my wallet.
  • Get one of those things that goes into a car cassette player and can plug into portable CD players so that I can plug my iPod into it and listen over the car’s speakers on the drive to Burlington, VT on Friday morning.
  • …and other stuff I’m sure I’m forgetting.
May 7, 2003

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