Post-Christmas Report

I haven’t done an entry since I went to Maine for Christmas, so I should I can get up-to-date now…

On Sunday, I drove to Maine and went straight to my brother’s birthday party at Graziano’s Casa Mia in Lisbon, Maine. Good food. Go there if you’re in the area (which is highly unlikely.)
My uncle from CT came back to the house with us and spent the night there. The next morning, I hooked up the PS2 and we played some Spy Hunter and Smuggler’s Run. (He got a PS2 for his girls, so he was anxious to try it out.)

We went down to my cousin’s house on Christmas Eve to celebrate Christmas with my mother’s half of the family. I got to play with their Welsh Corgi a bit (who looks a lot like Ein from Cowboy Bebop). After presents, I played Chez Geek with my cousins, but I was dragged out of there before we could finish our game of Chrononauts. Everyone was in such a damn hurry to get back home. I dunno why.

I woke up at about 10:05 on Christmas day since everyone was downstairs making lots of noise. I could hear them threatening to wake me up in various unpleasant ways. Yeah, I’m so loved.

Christmas was nice. The “big gift” was an Aeron chair…one of the items from my “Things I’ll Buy When I Make It Big” list. I didn’t expect that. I guess I can cross it off now.
I also got a fish-shaped bath mat for the bathroom. As if I didn’t get enough torture for my fish-themed bathroom already. *sigh* Oh well.

We didn’t go anywhere all day. Mike and Sarah left that evening…and I think Sarah was still wearing her PJs.

Yesterday I just sat around playing Grand Theft Auto III. I upgraded the memory in my parents’ iMac just before we went out to the Plourdes’ for dinner. I was hoping Chris would be there so I could hear some Air Force tales, but he was at his wife’s parents’ house…so I pretty much just sat there while my parents and the Plourdes’ talked.

Today I came back to Massachusetts to take in the mail, brings gifts home, and take care of a few things. I’m going back to Maine tomorrow (Friday) night. Mike and Sarah are having a party at their place on Saturday, so I’ll go to that…but that’s about all I have planned right now.

I should contact some people about plans for New Year’s Eve. I’ll be back in Massachusetts and I’m not doing anything. I should have people over or something…

December 27, 2001

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