Parents are weird like that…

My parents sent me a package of stuff they forgot to bring down with them and other stuff I don’t really need. It cost them $8 to send the stupid thing. The package contained a shirt I left up there at Christmas because it was washed and it was still wet when I left (as if I didn’t have any other shirts to wear until I went back to Maine), a plastic drip tray thing to put under my dishwashing rack thing, 3 cork trivets (I don’t know why they thought I needed those), a copy of the Sunday comics (which I blew through in about 2.3 minutes), a copy of the Boston Globe’s Sunday job listings (of which there’s never anything for me because they usually only advertise those jobs online), and an article on “Choosing the Right Headhunter”.

I’ve seen articles on choosing headhunters before and they all seem like complete BS to me…written by people who have probably never actively actually looked for work. They all make one assumption that is completely stupid…that you can only choose one headhunter. I don’t get it. I’ve sent my resume to every single headhunter that has come my way. I’ll let them ALL look for jobs for me. It’s not like I’m paying for their services. It’s free for me. …so all these newspaper and book writers who write these detailed articles on choosing “the right headhunter”? Idiots. All of ’em.

January 25, 2002

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