Okay, this was uncalled for!

Fireye|Zzz: What’s pat’s website again?
Fireye|Zzz|Maybe pokes db, what’s patricks website?
Dragonbeas: Fireye: Hell if I know.
Fireye|Zzz: *doh*
Dragonbeas: Actually, I probably remember this.
Dragonbeas: It’s a crappy site, and a crappy domain..
Dragonbeas: ah, yes.
Fireye|Zzz: got it, n/m
Dragonbeas: “adequate”
Fireye|Zzz: http://www.adequate.com/anime/events/
Dragonbeas: *nod*
Fireye|Zzz: Thanks
Dragonbeas: np 🙂
Dragonbeas: I don’t like PatrickD, and I don’t like his site.
Dragonbeas: I think it’s lame and pretentious.

At least I don’t go bad-mouthing people in public. I’ve seen him use that holier-than-thou self-righteousness towards others too. I’m sick of it.

February 8, 2002

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