Now if only the price were right…

We looked at the Boston Park Plaza tonight for Anime Boston. I had been there before for Arisia in January, but it was good to get another look at all the rooms The price is pretty high for what we’re planning, but if they can be talked down just a little bit then it would make the decision a lot easier.

That Imperial Ballroom is so nice! I’d love to be able to have the main events in there. That’d be so nice and we’d be able to put on a great show.

After the tour (which included a room being used by Governor Swift’s Christmas party), we were offered a free meal in Todd English’s Bonfire restaurant…where a typical meal is $30. I had already eaten dinner (at KFC), but like I’m gonna pass up free food! I ate until I was full and took the rest home.

December 12, 2001

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