Nothing like a little Grand Theft Auto…

I’m torn between going out today and getting Grand Theft Auto 3 for my PlayStation 2 or waiting until Christmas. On the one hand, there’s the fun I’ll have playing a new game. On the other hand, do I REALLY need to be spending $50 on a game right now? Besides, I’ll be up in Maine from Wednesday through Sunday (or so) and not be able to play while I’m up there.

Argh! I guess I’ll wait. Maybe I can resurrect my interest in Oni and do a few more levels in that.

By the way, still sucks. *sigh* No jobs.

FreakBoss apparently expects me to come up with about five web site designs by tomorrow. He apparently has no idea of how a proper design process works. If I just whipped out five designs like that, they’d all end up pretty crappy. …which I guess explains why the sites HE did were crappy. Whatever. He’s just getting one. …if he’s lucky.

I’ll be damned if I have to sit there all afternoon hunched over my PowerBook on a coffee table again tomorrow. I’m going down, I’ll give him his stupid site design, grab any material he wants me to plagarize, and get out of there as soon as I can…hopefully before lunch. No more fooling around. If he starts talking on the phone or playing with Word documents, I’ll tell him I’m leaving since I have work to do and would rather not just stand around idle. Seriously. I’m sick of his crap and I’m not going to put up with it anymore. If he has a problem with that, what do I care?

I know he’ll ask, “When can you come back.” Well, since I’m planning to leave for my parents’ on Wednesday, I’ll tell him next week at the earliest…and he’ll be disappointed. There’s really no reason I should have to go down there so much anyway. Someone has to teach him to rely on e-mail more. I think it’s gotten worse since Greg stopped going and now he sees me as his whipping boy.

November 18, 2001

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