Newtype and New Hype

I discovered that my credit card was only charged once by Newtype USA even though I ordered subscriptions for both myself and Lizzard. I e-mailed and discovered that mine apparently never went through (even though I got two confirmation e-mails). …but that’s taken care of now.

Yesterday and today I’ve been working on pages related to Monster’s revamped success story section, “Monster Works!” (Reminds me of RivalWorks…) As I work on this, I keep thinking, “This could have been kupo…” 🙂

The new (and BIG) photos/stories that will be on the home page in a couple weeks will be served up randomly through DoubleClick. Know what that means? They’re vulnerable to my evil whims. I could easily target other ads to be served up there instead…like a photo of a Klingon to anyone that has their browser’s default language set to “x-klingon”. …or a photo of me to my parents’ IP address. Unfortunately, I need my job so I’m not going to mess with that (yet).

One big ol’ blunder (of many) in this project is that I guess they didn’t realize that there are people who have added our ad server’s hostname to their host files so that they don’t see our ads. As a result, they won’t see our content served through DoubleClick as well. Oops!
If anyone had asked me (which they haven’t), I’d have set up another hostname for the ad server (something without “ads” in it) and used that to deliver content stuff. It’s too bad I don’t get to go to the brainstorming meetings or anything. All I get to do is go to “It’s broken, how do we fix it?” meetings.

January 9, 2003

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