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Arjuna volume 2

I picked up Arjuna volume 2 last night and can confirm that Lizz, Matt, and I are all in it…and BOY are we! The interview isn’t a continuous shot. It’s cut and has the questions on still frames between Kawamori’s answers.

Kawamori is sitting in his chair taking up most of the frame. No Bandai people are visible. The camera doesn’t move at all and stays on him the whole time.

Lizz is sitting on the right side of the frame the whole time. You can’t miss her. Sock Ally (top of the head only) is visible in her lap.

Matt is sitting on the edge of the frame with his legs sticking in most of the time. (There are a few shots where he’s gone…probably to take pictures.) He leans in from time to time and is easily identified.

They’re just sitting there, talking, and looking around. Not much happening. Lizz puts her fist up to her mouth as she yawns at one point.

A few minutes later, I come lumbering in from the background with the costume head on. I lean on the back of Lizz’s chair for a moment while they talk to me. …and that person on AoD was right, it IS distracting! It’s not like I’m way off in the distance. I’m like 2/3rds of the frame tall…right over Kawamori’s left shoulder.

There’s a cut and I’m standing there running Renamon’s paws through Merle’s hair. Heh…

Then I sit down next to Lizz and take the head off. Damn. I’m sitting at the edge of the frame. Matt’s legs are visible in front of us. After a quick cut, I’ve got the head back on. A few moments later, Matt sneezes. A few seconds after that, Matt has disappeared and Lizz stands up to straighten her outfit…and then it ends.

There’s nothing that embarrassing…other than the fact that we’re sitting there in costumes and plainly visible.

At least I don’t pull a Crotch Boy-type stunt.

What is it with me turning up everywhere lately?

December 8, 2002

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