Monster v10.0 (or so…)

A new design for Monster launches tomorrow. Coding for it has occupied most of my time this week. …and as a representative of the company, I’d like to apologize for it sucking. I can’t imagine they’ll keep this design for more than 6 months before they get sick of it and realize it’s just not functional. …but at least it’s not a royal mess like the previous version.

What I just learned amuses me to no end. They paid to have some usability testing done. It failed horribly for being a waste of home page space, less intuitive and informative, and non-functional. Did they fix it? No. They just wrote it off saying not to listen to the usability testers.

By the way, I think that the “Monster – Never Settle – Provided by Monster” title that’s on the old and new versions is redundantly stupid.

Man, Monster hasn’t had a decent web site design since the late 1998 through early 2000 one. (The one that’s up as I write this went up around Super Bowl 2000.) At least this is better than the versions with frames back around 1996 through 1998.

Anyway, enough work stuff. I’m going to Arisia this weekend. Going to take measurements for rooms at Anime Boston while I’m there and maybe snap a few photos for the web site too. Most of the stuff seems to be happening on Saturday, but I just want to check out the schedule tonight and see what’s up and say hello to some folks.

January 17, 2003

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